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BMR SP014 - Lowering Springs, Rear, 1" Drop


BMR SP014 - Lowering Springs, Rear, 1" Drop

GM A Body 64-72


BMR springs are specifically designed to provide optimal handling without sacrificing ride quality. The rear springs are progressive wound to provide variable rates. The soft portion of the progressive winding maintains near OE ride quality during normal driving conditions. When the suspension is loaded during aggressive cornering, the springs enter into the stiffer portion of the spring. We have designed additional spring rate into this portion of the spring for better control and reduced body roll. The front springs are linear wound with improved spring rates as well.

BMR springs are available for two configurations. SP013 front springs and SP014 rear springs when combined will lower the car 1". SP015 rear springs lower the rear 2" and are designed for use with coil-over style front springs or with a combination of our SP013 front springs and lowering spindles.

Beware of low cost springs that sag over time. BMR springs are cold wound from high tensile strength chrome-silicon-vanadium to provide the longest lasting, most consistent rate possible without long term "memory" loss. Always check the spring manufacturers warranty before purchasing, you definitely get what you pay for. BMR provides a lifetime warranty against spring sag.

Springs rates are:
Variable 125-200 lbs./in

  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs